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Frequently Asked Questions

HIPM does take some types of insurance. However, not all HIPM’s recommended wellness interventions are covered by health insurance. Additionally, depending on your deductible and recommended services, participating in one of HIPM’s payment plans if available may be a more affordable option. HIPM is happy to provide a superbill for rendered services which can be used to seek reimbursement of some or all services.

Fee Schedule

Brief Initial Screening

  •  Initial Consultation
  • A 45 minute phone call to discuss your health journey, health concerns, and health goals
  • Discuss generalized guidance to help lead you on your path to wellness and how HIPM can help facilitate and support your wellness goals.
  • Fee- Complimentary


Initial Intake Assessment and Treatment Plan

  • Includes:
  • Extensive screening that targets areas of concern
  • 90–120-minute initial in-person physical assessment
  • Recommendations/orders for lab test
  • Daily wellness email support
  • 45-minute telehealth visit to review lab results
  • Discuss recommended treatment plan
  • Fee- $999 (a $1,300 value)
  • (fee does not include cost of lab tests or supplements)



  • Includes:
  • Monthly re-screening assessments to track/compare progress
  • Monthly 60-minute visits to discuss progress, challenges, concerns
  • Unlimited Email/chat support (provider response is within 24-48 hours)
  • Biomarker remote monitoring device and provider tracking
  • Daily treatment plan email support
  • Fee = $3,900
  • (fee does not include cost of lab test or supplements)


  • Includes:
  • Monthly re-screening assessments to track/compare progress
  • two in-person 90-minute physical assessments
  • Monthly 60-minute visits to discuss progress, challenges, concerns
  • Unlimited Email/chat support (provider response is within 24-48 hours)
  • Biomarker remote monitoring device and provider tracking
  • Daily treatment plan email support
  • Fee = $9,425
  • (fee does not include cost of lab test or supplements)

*Continued services occurring after the conclusion of 3- or 6-month packages will be charged at an hourly fee of $325 per hour or an addition 3- or 6- month plan can be repurchased.

*Services provided outside of packages are charged at an hourly fee of $325 per hour.

*Fees are subject to change without notice.

*Additional fees may apply based on additional personalized services as/if needed.


  • Complimentary Initial Consultations are conducted by          phone
  • HIPM offers virtual Wellness Coaching for patients who      cannot participate in in-person visits or prefer virtual            services.
  • Virtual services include:
  • Patient completion of an in-depth health screening to            capture important details about your health history and        possible root cause imbalances
  • A 45-60 minute virtual session to review your Wellness        Analysis based on your health screening responses
  • Customized recommendations are then provided that          may include dietary, exercise and herbal or supplement        support to coach you on your way to wellness
  • Fee- $250
  • Continued Health Coaching:
    · Monthly re-screening assessments to   track/compare          progress.
    · Monthly 60-minute visits to discuss progress,                        challenges, and concerns.
    · Unlimited Email/chat support (provider response is              within 24-48 hours).
   ·  Biomarker remote monitoring and provider tracking.
   ·  Daily treatment plan email support.
   ·  Affordable payment options are available.

No, laboratory tests, supplements, and medications are not included in the noted treatment costs. Your insurance company may cover some types of labs and medications. HIPM is happy to provide a Superbill to allow you to possibly be reimbursed for any costs paid out of pocket.

Once you complete the Brief Initial Screening which is free of charge, a telehealth appointment will be scheduled with you to review the findings. During this appointment, you will be shown a graphic presentation of your health analysis that identifies areas of concern. A general overview of treatment recommendations will be discussed to give you a general idea of what a treatment plan would entail should you decide to move forward in securing services.

Performing the Brief Initial Screening allows the provider to offer you more valuable information about how HIPM can help with your recovery during the 15-minute consultation.

No, HIPM does not provide primary care services. You will need to engage a primary care provider for primary care services.

Credit and debit cards are accepted. While discounts are given for one-time payments in full, HIPM does offer flexible payment plans.

Depending on the specific supplement or medication, it may be available in office, at the pharmacy of your choice, or it may be shipped to you.

The initial screenings and assessments determine the intervention and treatment. Based on these, specific types of laboratory tests are recommended in order to further understand your particular health state. Once your current health state is understood, treatment recommendations are customized to support your recovery. Customized recommendations can include specialized diet, nutritional supplements that are manufactured specifically for your needs, remote monitoring of biological markers, and more.

The screenings are designed to allow you to tell your story as it relates to your health. It asks questions regarding your past and current health events, environmental exposures, and symptoms. Your current health state is a culmination of your entire life experiences. Therefore, the screenings ask specific questions designed to capture important lifelong information that help to explain your current health state and lay the foundation for recovery. With this information, the treatment plan and recommendations can be specifically tailored to you which is the most effective way to support optimal recovery. While 100% accuracy is not required or expected, when a patient puts forth their best efforts in completing the screenings, they experience the best results possible. 

No. Depending on the test, you may visit a nearby laboratory specimen collection location or have a phlebotomist visit your home or location of your choice for your convenience (additional fees may apply).

For other tests, your practitioner will arrange a testing kit to be delivered to your home, you will collect the sample, and mail the sample to the designated laboratory.

HIPM supports you in this process by assisting you in locating laboratory centers in your area and providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to collect and send your sample to the designated lab as needed.