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10 ways to keep your hormones in balance

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  • 10 ways to keep your hormones in balance
10 ways to keep your hormones in balance

Hormones, being a part of our Endocrine system specialize in working as a network together in a form of a symphony while sending messages to the organs, systems, and cells in our body.

You cannot deny the fact that hormones have a major impact on our overall health and body, especially in females. A little hormonal imbalance can cause severe issues in your body that result in major problems. Keeping your hormones in balance is essential for living a healthy life.

Do you need to maintain a good hormonal balance?

Maintaining a good hormonal balance is as important as eating good food. With the increase in western dietary patterns and sedentary ways of living, the balance of your hormones may get affected.

However, in most cases, the levels of hormones may decline at a certain age or some people may experience a significant disease that is debilitating. Therefore, taking a healthy or nutritious diet and performing physical activities may help improve your hormonal health.

Below, we have described a few ways that help balance your hormones naturally at a normal level:

  1. Increase protein intake:

Consuming a good amount of protein is essential for the well-being of your body. Protein helps provide the essential amino acids that you may need. Also, it helps your body produce the protein-derived hormones called the peptide hormones that are necessary for maintaining a good hormonal balance.

Peptide hormones play a major role in the regulation of many physiological processes like reproduction, appetite, growth, metabolism, and stress. To keep the hormones in balance, adequate protein intake is crutical.

  • Getting enough sleep:

No matter how healthy you are eating or how consistent you are in your physical performance, if you are not getting enough sleep, nothing goes right. Getting  restorative sleep is essential for optimal health. Did you know that a lack of sleep is directly linked to hormonal imbalances? It absolutely is!

If your sleep is poor, you increase your risk for hormonal imbalance. Poor sleep is linked to increase cortisol levels which may lead to insulin resistance. Good sleep is crucial for hormonal balance.

  • Becoming physically active:

Another important factor for maintaining a good hormonal balance is maintaining your physical health. Did you know that physical health strongly influences your hormonal health? It absolutely does!

Regular exercise can increase the sensitivity of hormone receptors which means your body receives increased nutrients and other hormone signals. Moreover, consistent exercise helps to reduce insulin levels and increases insulin sensitivity.

  • Taking care of your gut health:

The human gut contains more than 100 trillion bacteria that are responsible for the production of metabolites in your body and adequate hormonal response and keeping hormones in balance.

Your gut microbiome regulates different hormones that express different feelings at different times. So it’s always essential to take care of your gut health because it also plays an important role in managing the level of hormones in your body.

  • Avoid taking stress:

Stress is a silent killer that may harm the hormonal system of your body in several ways. The cortisol hormone is known as the stress hormone and it helps you cope with the long-term stress that your body might face.

Once your body responds to stress, it activates a cascade of events that may cause cortisol production. It is important to lower the level of cortisol hormone through different stress-releasing techniques. For this purpose, keeping the hormones in balance is one of the important things you can do to maintain proper hormonal health.

  • Eat a fiber-rich diet:

Eating adequate amounts of fiber is important to maintain healthy living. Eating food rich in fiber can stabilize your hormonal imbalance. Research has found that fiber increases insulin sensitivity which stimulates the production of hormones and make you feel full quicker.

Many soluble fiber-rich foods produce a therapeutic effect on your appetite by increasing the level of hormones that make you feel full. For both hormones and the immune system, it is important to eat a diet rich in fiber.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight:

Weight gain is directly linked to hormonal imbalances that lead to severe complications in your health. Obesity is one of the biggest reasons for insulin resistance development.

The increase in insulin resistance increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and reproductive issues such as Polycystic Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by maintaining an ideal body weight.

  • Lower your sugar intake:

The intake of sugar is also associated with hormonal imbalances. If you minimize your extra sugar intake, this will help optimize your hormonal functions and avoid the risk of diabetes, obesity, and several other diseases. Sugar significantly affects your ability to keep your hormones in balance.

  • Be careful of food that can increase estrogen:

Did you know that estrogen is an important hormone that is responsible for your heart health, reproductive cycle, blood sugar balance, brain function, and the immunity system? The increase in the level of this hormone can cause serious health issues. Be aware of foods that can increase estrogen levels such as soy and dairy milk products.

  1.  Consume healthy fats such as those in a Mediterranean diet:

Adding high-quality fats such as Omega-3s to your diet reduces insulin resistance in your body and supports a healthy appetite. Healthy fats also decrease the level of cortisol hormones in your body that are responsible for many chronic health issues.


1: What are the benefits of a better immune system?

A healthy immune system makes you less prone to diseases and bacterial infections. It allows you to appropriately respond to disease, give a therapeutic inflammatory response when needed, clear bacterial debride and resolve the inflammatory response. Proper resolution of an inflammatory responses is essential to avoid chronic inflammation which causes chronic health problems.

2: How to naturally improve immunity?

You can naturally improve your immunity by taking a healthy diet that is rich in fiber, proteins, and healthy fats. Moreover, taking regular exercise, maintaining a good weight, and getting enough sleep are some of the positive factors that support effective immunology.

3: Why a personalized treatment plan is important?

Every person is different. Individuals have different genetic, lifestyle, environmental, and dietary factors which all affect one’s overall health. Two people can have the same disease and their symptoms can be very different. That’s why all treatment must be personalized and customized for each person in order to get the best results. The road to the best immune and hormonal system can be very different for each person.

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